Marketing production: graduate area of work

Marketing professionals in this area work closely with creative to oversee the production of material.

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Marketing production teams or agencies oversee the generation of marketing materials, ranging from mailshots to websites. For example, if a direct mailing needs to be produced, marketing production would handle the data processing and print production before it is sent out. The tasks of a marketing production manager include:

  • confirming production specifications
  • working with creative to approve proofs or website designs
  • putting together production schedules
  • sourcing suppliers and negotiating prices
  • communicating changes to the project to all those involved with it

It can be quite a juggling act if you have many projects on the go. This can be a rewarding part of the job but it can also lead to pressure and long working hours.

What’s required

Employers in this area typically look for graduates with marketing-related degrees. You may be able to get work experience overseeing the production of marketing materials in the marketing and communications department at your university or in a voluntary organisation. Postgraduate qualifications can be gained from the Chartered Institute of Marketing or the Institute of Direct Marketing.

Good project management skills are a must in marketing production. Numeracy is also important in managing budgets and getting the best suppliers at the right prices. Flexibility can help as project specifications may change even at an advanced stage of the production process.

Where to find out more

Ask in your careers service for more information about the range of jobs in marketing production. Vacancies are advertised through recruitment agencies and in publications such as Marketing, Marketing Week and Precision Marketing. Key organisations in the sector include The Direct Marketing Special Products Section of the British Printing Industries Federation, The Institute of Direct Marketing and The Communication Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation.

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