Meet Charlotte, a Specialist & Science Intern at Arcadis



Specialist & Science Intern


What programme were you on at Arcadis?

I was a Summer Intern within the Ecology Team

Why do you love working at Arcadis?

Arcadis is a very friendly environment to work within. There are many support circles, and it feels like a very cohesive culture.

Can you describe a Typical Day in your role?

A typical day would consist of one of two things; Desk work such as writing reports, reviewing animal camera footage, drafting health and safety plans. Or Site work such as Otter/Water vole surveys, bat emergence surveys, Phase 1 habitat surveys.

What was your favourite project during your time with Arcadis?

The Bat Emergence Surveys for East Anglia Green

What tips would you give someone who is applying to Arcadis?

Have passion for the role you apply for. If you are excited, if you throw yourself into the role then you will gain the most out of it and it will benefit you so much more.

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