Meet Mateusz, an Intern at BNY Mellon

I became a part of BNY Mellon in June 2023 through the (START) Intern Program.


Mateusz Mis

(START) Intern Program

BNY Mellon

This was right after I completed my second year in Computer Science at university. Currently, I am working in the Shared Service Engineering team based in Poland. My responsibilities include maintaining and enhancing company systems. During my tenure at BNY, I have contributed to the implementation of the asset cataloging system for employees all over Europe.

I typically start my day at 8:30 a.m. by reviewing the work I completed the previous day with a fresh perspective, considering if there are any ways, I can further enhance it. My team regularly provides helpful tips and guidance on how I can improve my programming skills and become a more valuable member of the team. Writing clean code for a complex project is a challenge, but it presents opportunities for me to learn and grow every day.

On a daily basis, I engage in discussions with my fellow interns regarding the tasks we have been assigned. We frequently exchange stories about how we overcame difficult challenges or offer assistance to someone who is struggling to solve a problem. By collaborating and providing advice, we ensure that no one is left to face their problems alone.

During my leisure time, I enjoy going to the gym, strolling through the forest, and assisting with everyday tasks at my family's farm. It is my aspiration to visit Nepal in the future and explore the rich culture of the Himalayan region.

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