Gregory Easter - London


Gregory Easter - London

Dixon Wilson

After obtaining my degree in Computing for Business and Management from University of Sussex I set up my own business. Through this experience I discovered a strong interest for accounting and tax. After learning more about the industry and what the work may entail, I transitioned away from my business to pursue a career following this interest. As a result of the good feeling I got from the outset I decided to apply for Dixon Wilson.

This feeling proved to be accurate as, when I interacted with various members of the firm, I found everyone to be warm and welcoming. I have also found the pillar approach of exams, being two certificates followed by two correlating professionals, great so far as this structure allows me to build immediately upon my knowledge. Furthermore, there is regular internally and externally led training which has boosted my confidence, both in day to day work and on content covered during exams. The work felt purpose driven from the outset, and I feel I work at a knowledge appropriate level with an eye to the big picture. Support from various trainees and senior staff is readily available which has made work which would have otherwise seemed daunting very manageable.

Another aspect of the firm which bears a worthy mention is the robust social atmosphere ingrained in the culture of the firm. I was sceptical when I first heard of this, as I feel it can often be that the reality rarely matches your expectations. However, in the case of Dixon Wilson, reality far exceeds any expectations I had. A particular highlight so far has been the charity poker night which was exceptional. Similarly, I have been able to fully involve myself in the thriving DW cricket team, where we played against a number of other sides across the season.

All in all, I have experienced a wonderful start with excellent people to what I believe will lead to a flourishing career.

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