What can I do with a sociology degree?

What can I do with a sociology degree?

Sociology graduates have a range of skills that are in demand, including communication and information gathering and analysis – but they need to know how to sell their strengths to employers.

Many sociology graduates are drawn to working in areas such as law, health and education, as well as social and welfare professions. For some of these roles, further study is required in order to qualify. Sociology graduates who want to work in business may find that roles in marketing are a good match for their skills and interests.

This guide should help you think about the skills you have, the jobs they can be applied to, and the options available.

Skills for your CV

You will have gained the ability to do the following things:

  • think and act creatively
  • maintain a flexible mind
  • read pages of text and pick out the essential points
  • conduct research and evaluate sources with a healthy scepticism
  • lead and participate in discussions
  • develop opinions, propose ideas and theories
  • maintain objectivity, particularly towards other people
  • play devil’s advocate
  • have confidence in your opinions
  • base conclusions on statistical research.

Job roles and career areas you could work in

A sociologist’s ability to form and defend an argument, regardless of personal opinions, could be helpful for a career in marketing. Sociology graduates would also be well suited to jobs in the Civil Service and politics.

With further training and qualifications they could succeed in the following professions:

  • journalism
  • law
  • teaching
  • work with charities
  • human resources
  • retail management.

What do sociology graduates go on to do?

Here’s what sociology graduates who finished their degrees in 2016 were doing six months after graduating, according to the What do graduates do? report published in 2017.

Destination Percentage
Full-time employment in the UK 46.6
Part-time employment in the UK 16.0
Working overseas 1.1
Working and studying 6.7
Further study 18.2
Unemployed 6.1
Other 5.3

Source: What do graduates do? 2017

Key areas of employment for fresh sociology graduates

These are the top five areas of work taken up by 2016 sociology graduates six months after graduation, according to the 2017 What do graduates do? report.

Areas of employment Percentage
Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff 20.2
Clerical, secretarial and numerical clerks 12.4
Legal, social and welfare professionals 12.2
Other occupations 11.2
Business, HR and finance professionals 9.4

Source: What do graduates do? 2017

Famous people with sociology degrees

If none of those float your boat, or you’re starting to believe that ‘sociology degree = career in fast food’ cliché, then you might want to think about these sociology graduates:

  • Michelle Obama – majored in sociology at Princeton University before she met her husband Barack Obama and became first lady of the US.
  • James Blunt – the singer-songwriter has a degree from the University of Bristol.
  • Ronald Reagan – the actor and former US president majored in sociology and economics.