What can I do with a sociology degree?

What can I do with a sociology degree?

Sociology is a relatively new subject and has had a hard time establishing its reputation. However, the sociology graduate has specialist skills which will be of use in the graduate careers market.

This guide should help you think about the skills you have, the jobs they can be applied to, and the options available.

You will have gained the ability to do the following things:

  • think and act creatively
  • maintain a flexible mind
  • read pages of text and pick out the essential points
  • conduct research and evaluate sources with a healthy scepticism
  • lead and participate in discussions
  • develop opinions, propose ideas and theories
  • maintain objectivity, particularly towards other people
  • play devil’s advocate
  • have confidence in your opinions
  • base conclusions on statistical research.

A sociologist’s ability to form and defend an argument, regardless of personal opinions, could be helpful for a career in marketing. Sociology graduates would also be well suited to jobs in the Civil Service and politics.

With further training and qualifications they could do:

  • journalism
  • law
  • teaching
  • work with charities
  • human resources
  • retail management.

If none of those float your boat, or you’re starting to believe that ‘sociology degree = career in fast food’ cliché, then you might want to think about these sociology graduates:

  • Martin Luther King
  • Ronald Reagan
  • James Blunt
  • Michelle Obama (previously a diversity coordinator)
  • author Saul Bellow.