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Charities fundraisers encourage people and organisations to donate money to good causes.

What does a charities fundraiser do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills

Charities and not-for-profit organisations rely on donations and funding, and they employ fundraisers to help keep these coming in. Fundraising is a paid role: it's not the same as shaking a bucket in the street as a volunteer (although fundraisers may organise street collections and help out).

Typical responsibilities include:

  • approaching businesses, local authorities, trusts and individuals to secure funding
  • organising and helping with fundraising activities such as sponsored or promotional events, house-to-house and street collections
  • recruiting volunteers and coordinating their work
  • planning donation campaigns and events.
  • controlling budgets and working to targets
  • writing reports and press releases.

    Coming up with new ways to acquire funding – through events, online advertising or legacy-giving campaigns, for example – is a particularly important part of the job. In smaller organisations, fundraisers may need to manage communications and events for donors as well.

    Typical employers for charity fundraisers

    • Charities
    • Not-for-profit organisations

    Vacancies in small organisations are likely to be advertised locally. Look at community news sources, follow social media pages that post about local charity opportunities and contact your local council for voluntary service or volunteer centre for ideas.

    Jobs in larger organisations may be advertised in the national press and on specialist websites such as Charity Job, Charity Times and Third Sector.

    Some recruitment agencies specialise in charity jobs. Search their websites and consider registering with agencies advertising jobs that appeal to you.

    Qualifications and training required

    There are routes into becoming a charities fundraiser for both graduates and school leavers.

    For graduates, any degree is acceptable for entry into the profession. However, qualifications in management, marketing, communications or public relations may be helpful.

    Voluntary work with a charity or not-for-profit will strengthen your application. It'll demonstrate that you have some understanding of how the voluntary sector operates, and how funding and donations help keep organisations running. Look for opportunities via your university or contact your local volunteer centre. You can also search national websites such as Do-It and TimeBank.

    Volunteer your way to a graduate job

    Key skills for charities fundraisers

    Recruiters look for candidates who are confident and organised. Other essential skills and qualities include:

    • sales and negotiation abilities
    • communication skills
    • IT and social media skills
    • good organisation
    • administrative and project management skills
    • resourcefulness
    • the ability to build and maintain professional relationships
    • creative thinking
    • initiative and the ability to solve problems.
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