Lowri - Junior Project Manager

Hello, I'm Lowri Morgan, a Junior Project Manager within Aerospace, Defence, Security & Technology (ADS&T). I help oversee projects, managing schedules, budgets, and milestones. I also work with my colleagues to identify risks, implement solutions, and engage stakeholders.


Lowri Morgan

Junior Project Manager


What has been your favourite experience?

Project managing the Big Bang Fair. It was incredible to be at the heart of it all. And now, I'm steering a defence market client project. It's exciting and challenging in a whole different way. I enjoy collaborating in the defence sector – it keeps you on your toes.

What is the best thing about working for Atkins?

Flexibility is a game-changer, allowing work to integrate seamlessly into life. Beyond that, our commitment to inclusivity and diversity means everyone's voice is welcome at the table. It's a culture where difference is celebrated.

What is your top tip for new graduates?

Get involved in as many initiatives as you can. Grow your network and make connections in a variety of areas.

How has your graduate role at Atkins helped you grow?

My graduate role has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone in different ways, such as public speaking and leading a team. I look forward to establishing these skills as I move forward in my career by taking on more responsibilities in different roles on the team.

How has the environment at Atkins affected your graduate experience?

Atkins' commitment to creating an inclusive environment has allowed me to work within diverse, multi-faceted teams. This has allowed me to improve my leadership skills when leading a team. I've learnt to adapt to a range of characters and personalities. I feel empowered to share how I am different and encouraged to celebrate differences amongst my colleagues – Atkins champions this.

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