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Civil and structural engineering

  • Job descriptions: Engineering geologist: job description

    Engineering geologists undertake technical and scientific analysis of rock, soil, groundwater and other conditions to determine the likely impact that major construction developments will have on sites.


  • Interviews and assessment centres: Technical interviews: show off your civils degree

    Read on to discover the types of technical interview questions and assessment centre exercises you might be given by a civil or structural engineering employer – and, vitally, our handy tips on how to prepare for them.


  • Interviews and assessment centres: Succeed at civil and structural engineering assessment centres

    Apply for a graduate job with a large engineering employer and you'll probably attend an assessment centre during the interview process. What to expect and how to prepare: we explain all.


Construction and building services

Quantity surveying and building surveying

Top tips on construction placements

The Guardian UK 300 2018/19 cover

The Guardian UK 300 2018/19

Find out which companies are among the UK’s most popular graduate employers and get tips from leaders and rising stars in the industry.

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