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RBS assessment centre: how graduates and interns can impress recruiters

The facts

It’s a chance for you to learn about RBS as much as for RBS to learn about you.

Impress RBS in the video interview and you'll be invited to an assessment centre. For graduate programmes the assessment centres are a full day and for internship programmes they are a half-day assessment. For most programmes, the assessment centre will consist of a number of different types of exercises:


RBS uses competency-based interviews to find out how you’ve dealt with certain types of situations in the past. In its graduate assessment centres, situational interviews let recruiters assess how you would approach hypothetical situations. You can prepare by thinking about times when you’ve shown the kind of skills they are looking for.

Group exercise

Working together with your team and wider colleagues is an everyday part of life at RBS. In this exercise recruiters will observe you during a group exercise similar to the type of scenarios you might experience on the job. They’ll be looking for your ability to build relationships quickly, show logical thinking and contribute to the team objectives.

Individual tasks

RBS will give you the type of task you’re likely to carry out when you start on a graduate or internship programme with the bank. It could be writing a report, holding a one-to-one meeting, or preparing a presentation. You don’t need to do anything beforehand; you’ll be given all the information you need on the day. There’s a good chance your individual task will be linked to the group exercise.

Assessment centre top tips from RBS

  • Be yourself: RBS wants to know what the real you is all about!
  • Think about the sort of skills RBS is looking for, and about the things you’ve done that demonstrate them. Equally, show your passion for the programme and the business – that will help the bank see your potential.
  • Think about the experiences you’ve had, including outside of your education. How do they make you the right person for the role?
  • Read newspapers and business magazines to practice taking in written information.
  • Don’t just prepare for the exercises.  Make sure you know the location and timings. Allow for any possible delays in getting there. Be punctual, and if you’re running late, let RBS know as soon as you can.
  • The better you prepare, the more naturally you’ll be able to act, and show RBS your best side.
  • Make the most of the day. It’s a chance for you to learn about RBS as much as for RBS to learn about you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before or during the day.

Making you an offer

You will hear the outcome of your assessment centre within a week. Following a successful assessment centre, a member of the early careers team will contact you to take you through the offer onto the graduate or internship programme.

A note on application deadlines

Remember - Most of RBS's programmes are assessed on a rolling basis, and in most cases it starts to offer places months before the application closing date. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of securing a place with RBS.

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