Meet Elise, an Apprentice Quantity Surveyor


Elise Crawford

Apprentice Quantity Surveyor


What drew you to work at AECOM originally? What would that be now – has it changed?

I was first drawn to AECOM after learning about the wide range of different projects they are involved in. I hoped that this would give me the opportunity to gain a broad experience during my time with the company. Although, this is still relevant, what would draw me to AECOM now is how focused and invested they are in your individual development and progress. This is essential to your personal growth and especially important for me at the start of my career.

What is your role at AECOM?

Apprentice Quantity Surveyor.

How long have you worked for AECOM?

9 Months.

What do you like most about working for AECOM?

The amount of time they invest in your career development. Although I have only been a part of AECOM for 9 months I have already been invited to numerous events and webinars which have not only supported me in how I can grow and further my career but also excites me for the possible future opportunities at AECOM. I also like how much they have invested in allowing everyone to learn new skills through AECOM University. This helps me feel supported in my career and helps me to bring my best self to my job.

What have you gained from working at AECOM?

Although I have already gained a lot of skills whilst working at AECOM, one of the most important things I have gained is being comfortable with talking to people who are higher up in the business and clients. After lots of team building events where it was necessary to socialise with numerous people my social skills massively developed. This is extremely useful as it has helped me to comfortably speak to clients. Additionally, after constantly meeting and interacting with people who are higher up in the business, it has allowed me to want to reach out to them for support and be able to ask them questions.

What advice do you have for any prospective candidates?

Don’t be nervous to ask questions, the more you ask the more you’ll learn. Additionally, by asking a wide range of people you may get different answers which can be useful when figuring out the best way to do something.

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