Meet Tom who is part of the Civil and Structural Engineering Graduate Programme


My graduate programme, why I chose it, and why I chose Babcock:
I’ve always wanted to work on projects that have a significant impact on society. Currently, I am involved in a ground-breaking project at Babcock, focused on the removal and recycling of reactors from several retired Royal Navy submarines. This is the first time in history a reactor pressure vessel has been dismantled and repackaged, so I feel a great sense of pride in being involved in such an innovative project.

The Civil and Structural Engineering Graduate Programme at Babcock offers me the flexibility to pursue the work that aligns with my interests, while also supporting my goal of achieving chartered status with the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE).

My typical day:
I have meetings most days with Civil, Structural and Architectural (CS&A) and other disciplines to discuss various aspects of the project. Day to day I work on tasks such as performing calculations and preparing design reports.

I also participate in graduate development modules, including workshops designed to enhance essential skills like communication and adaptability. I help organise and host webinars and lectures for the CS&A department, covering topics like seismic design, Construction Design Management (CDM), and sustainable design.

My favourite part of the job:
The best part about working here is the size of Babcock and the number of opportunities there are to meet fantastic people, both on your project and outside of it. Networking is easy within Babcock and regular meetings with the CS&A department make me feel like a real member of a team.

I have always played team sports throughout my life so value a team atmosphere, and at Babcock, you never feel alone. I also enjoy agile working at Babcock. This allows me to work hours that fit with my project requirements and meetings, whilst being able to get to the gym when it’s not too busy.

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done to date:
During my first year, I was asked to do a set of calculations and design reports assessing a dock’s capability for certain loads. The work was challenging and put the skills I had learnt at university to the test. However, the task helped me grow significantly as an engineer. Whenever I was unsure of the next steps, I had the support of my team and other engineers who provided guidance.

The task also involved me learning two new software packages I had never used before. However, I was able to quickly pick these up and produce the required calculations.

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