Meet Adrianna and find out about her time with BNY Mellon

I joined BNY Mellon in June 2023 as part of the Risk and Compliance Undergraduate Summer Internship Program.


Adrianna Ciesla

Risk and Compliance Undergraduate

BNY Mellon

As a Business student I find my place in RC Transformation team but also had an opportunity to be involve in other team’s activities as well. I begin my day from quick previous day update and checking if any progress has been made in project, I’m involve in. Typical day of mine involve attending many project meetings, preparing reports, checking, and reviewing data quality and coming up with ideas how our current projects can be improved. My position required financial understanding as well as strong interpersonal communication skills. Because of joining BNY Mellon I had an opportunity to complete few basic agile courses and attend several meetings where I can develop my knowledge in that field. I had the pleasure of being engaged in Social Impact activities that aim to help dog shelter. Moreover, the Internship program gave me the opportunity to meet people who are so passionate about their work and have enormous financial knowledge what really inspired me to future development. The variety of projects I was engage in show me broad range of perspectives which are waiting for me after graduation. The time spent with my team pointed me out what concepts/skills I need to develop to support my future career goals. That Internship opportunity helped me find out that I finance world is form me. During my time off I love traveling, especially exploring new places and meeting different culture, unusual activities such as diving, ice-skating, or sailing count as my favourite part of the trip. I’m a huge fan of sports that is probably why I’ve played basketball for almost 12 years.

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