Which IT and technology employers offer summer internships or industrial placements?

Find out about work experience schemes with major IT recruiters, including summer internships, industrial placement years and insights programmes.

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Many graduate employers in the IT sector offer paid technology internships or formal work placements that can range from a couple of months during the summer vacation to a full sandwich year as part of your degree course. These are typically intended for penultimate-year students. Shorter work experience schemes and insight weeks are becoming increasingly common, typically lasting one or two weeks; these are usually aimed at first-year students (or second-year students on four-year degrees), and some may specifically request applications from students from backgrounds underrepresented in tech careers.

Many employers use their placement schemes as the first stage in graduate recruitment – interns who impress may be fast-tracked through the graduate recruitment process.

How has the pandemic affected internships?

The majority of employers featured on this page are planning to run work experience in 2021, but they may be delivered slightly differently compared to other years. It's likely that internships, industrial placements and insight schemes will be recruited for and, at least partly, run virtually.

Depending on the programme, virtual work experience is likely to involve a mixture of online training (such as live or recorded webinars and online learning modules), one-to-one sessions with mentors and managers, networking opportunities and remote project work.

Technology organisations in particular have adapted well to virtual work experience programmes and, for many, 2021 will be the second year that virtual internships are run. Employers will try and mirror as closely as possible the experience of 'in-person' work experience.

IT summer internships

Below is a selection of big-name technology recruiters who offer summer internships most years. Also take advantage of your university careers service to uncover opportunities with smaller employers.

  • American Express has ten-week technology summer internships
  • ARM offers summer internships and 'part-time undergraduate' schemes where students work for eight hours per month while studying and work full time during the summer
  • BAE Systems runs 12-week summer internships in cyber security and technology-related fields
  • Bank of America offers technology analyst internships in its global technology division
  • Barclays runs nine-week summer analyst schemes in technology and cyber and security, and a summer developer programme
  • BlackRock runs eight-week summer analyst internships, including in technology-related areas
  • Bloomberg has a software engineering and a global data internship, which last between ten and twelve weeks
  • BT offers 12-week summer internships in areas such as software engineering, network design and technology
  • Capital One has a ten-week 'software academy' internship
  • Citi runs ten-week summer analyst and associate programmes
  • Commerzbank has previously offered information technology internships in its UK offices
  • Credit Suisse has technology summer analyst and 'classic' internship schemes
  • Deloitte has previously offered technology summer vacation schemes
  • Deutsche Bank offers a technology internship programme
  • EY runs technology consulting and technology risk summer internships
  • FDM Group offers eight-week internships
  • GCHQ runs a cyber insights summer school and a technologist summer school for those studying STEM degrees
  • Goldman Sachs runs eight-to-ten-week summer internships across its divisions, including in its engineering division (which incorporates its technology functions)
  • Google offers 10-14-week internships in fields such as software engineering and research. it also runs a 'student training in engineering' programme
  • GSK has a technology summer internship scheme
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise has previously offered summer internships including software development and software engineering
  • HSBC runs a data science and engineering internship
  • IBM runs a 12-week 'Extreme Blue' technology internship
  • Imagination Technologies offers three-month summer internships
  • Inmarsat runs nine-week summer internship schemes
  • KPMG offers a four-week technology audit vacation placement
  • London Stock Exchange Group has a technology summer internship programme
  • Metaswitch Networks runs an internship scheme that is also open to non-technology students
  • Microsoft runs internships across its divisions, including engineering, UX design, data and applied science and IT operations
  • Morgan Stanley offers technology summer analyst and off-cycle internship schemes
  • Natwest Group runs eight-week summer internships in data and analytics and software engineering
  • Nomura has a nine-week technology summer internship
  • RM Group has previously offered short internships (advertised on an 'as and when' basis)
  • Roche Products Limited runs internships in its technology divisions, including data science, computer science and software engineering
  • Shell runs an assessed internship in IT
  • Sky offers summer internships in data and analytics, software engineering and technology
  • Sparx has previously offered summer internships
  • Thales advertises internships on an ad-hoc basis, including in its technology function
  • TPP runs a software developer summer internship
  • Unilever runs 12-week summer placements in its technology management function
  • UBS offers summer internships and nine-week off-cycle internships in its corporate centre function, which includes its technology department

IT industrial placements

The following employers run industrial placements (sometimes called sandwich years) in their technology functions. You can find out more about IT placement years here .

  • ARM runs industrial placements
  • BAE Systems offers year-long industrial placements
  • Bank of America has a six- or twelve-month global technology industrial placement programme
  • BlackRock offers six- and twelve-month placements in technology support and software engineering
  • Bloomberg runs placement years in areas such as software engineering
  • BT offers 11-month industrial placements
  • Capital One has a year-long software academy placement
  • CGI has year-long industrial placements in its technical functions
  • Citi runs 3-12-month placement analyst programmes
  • Deloitte has previously offered technology industrial placement schemes
  • EY runs a technology consulting industrial placement
  • FDM Group offers 12-month placements
  • Fidelity International runs a technology industrial placement
  • Goldman Sachs runs a year-long work placement scheme, including in its technology functions
  • GSK offers placements in data science and engineering (which includes automation engineering)
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise has previously offered placement years
  • IBM runs technology and software development university placements
  • Imagination Technologies offers 6- and 12-month internships
  • KPMG offers one-year placements, including a global mobility services technology placement
  • Lloyds Banking Group runs a software engineering industrial placement
  • Morgan Stanley offers a technology industrial placement
  • Nestlé UK & Ireland offers a 12-month placement in its IS/IT department
  • Nomura runs a 12-month industrial placement
  • UBS offers industrial placements in its corporate centre function, which includes its technology department
  • Virgin Media runs a year-long technology and innovation placement scheme

Spring insight programmes and other IT work experience options

Recently, more and more employers have been offering insight days or weeks. These are shorter schemes that are designed to give students a taste of working life at an employer. They are usually open to first-year students (or second-years on four-year degrees). The following employers run insight schemes:

  • Bank of America offers an insight week, which includes the technology function
  • Barclays has previously offered a one-week analyst internship in the spring
  • BlackRock runs a week-long spring insight programme
  • Bloomberg runs 'women in business' and 'women in tech' insight weeks for its engineering and global data functions
  • Citi runs a spring insight programme
  • Credit Suisse offers a two-day spring technology insight programme
  • Deloitte has a two-day technology 'spring into Deloitte' scheme
  • Deutsche Bank 's 'Spring Into Banking' programme is a week long insight scheme and has a technology stream
  • Fidelity International runs a spring insight programme
  • Goldman Sachs offers two-week spring programmes in various divisions, including technology. It also offers shorter work experience for women, LGBT+ students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • KPMG runs a three-day technology and engineering Black heritage talent insight programme
  • Morgan Stanley offers a two- or four-day technology spring insight programme
  • Natwest Group runs female insight weeks in software engineering and data and analytics
  • Nomura offers a paid 'Women's Immersion' two-week long insight scheme and an unpaid 'Explore Nomura' four-day insight scheme, which can be focused on the corporate infrastructure division (which incorporates technology)
  • Sky runs insight days in its DevOps, software engineering and digital functions
  • UBS has previously offered a one-week technology insight scheme.

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