Chris, Sustainable Financial Wellbeing Graduate

It was an industrial placement with Lloyds Banking Group that showed Chris the career path he wanted to follow. So, when he got a place on our Sustainable Financial Wellbeing Graduate Scheme, he accepted straight away.



Sustainable Financial Wellbeing Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

“I never thought I’d be helping to manage over £150 billion in funds.”

I studied Management with Economics at university. So, I always knew I’d work in Financial Services. I never thought I’d be doing so much so early on, though. In my current role, where I’m working with a large investment fund, I’ve already assisted on a £150 billion acquisition. It shows the kind of responsibility you’re given as a graduate at Lloyds Banking Group. I get to speak to genuine experts in their field, both colleagues and our partners. The breadth of exposure is a big highlight for me. What makes it easier is that everyone’s so accessible. I love the positive impact on society I’m able to make. I genuinely believe this is what I was meant to do. I always wanted to find my purpose by giving back to the community. This is a great place to fulfil it.

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