Meet Missy-Anne, a Financial Services / Customer Service Apprentice

As Lloyds Banking Group’s first apprentice, mixing motherhood and career development has been a successful journey for Missy-Anne. Missy-Anne is a Financial Services / Customer Service Apprentice



Financial Services / Customer Service Apprentice

Lloyds Banking Group

A legacy

“I am an apprentice now, but I have actually been with Lloyds Banking Group for 12 years — that’s quite a long time! To me, though, it doesn't feel like 12 years. My whole career so far has been spent at the Group.”

Growing over time

“I first started with the company when I was going to college. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I was 17 or 18, so I just started on a part-time basis, and I would work evenings. I didn't know anything about the bank, I just knew the shifts would be flexible around college. From there, I realised how much I loved the culture and the people. It's just such a secure place, and you can see the drive and the passion they've got for their staff.”

Real recognition

“We've all heard people say ‘You’re just a number’ when you work for a big company. But with Lloyds Banking Group, you're treated fairly and equally. Everyone's given the same opportunities and you've got so many people that are cheerleaders for your growth and your development. I was at an awards ceremony recently, and received a personal shout out from our CEO, Charlie Nunn. I couldn’t believe it.”

Changing lanes

“When I got given the opportunity to become the first apprentice for Lloyds, I took it, and I've not looked back.


“Being the first apprentice for the Group, I learned so much about the ins and outs of banking and what's expected of me as a colleague. The opportunity allowed me to develop my knowledge and it gave me that little bit of extra confidence I needed to achieve more.”

The future of banking

“I was 23 when I fell pregnant, and I had my baby at 24. My plan was to come back to work full time and continue with my career, but my daughter was born deaf. Within her first year, we also realised that she has autism. The Group were extremely supportive, letting me reduce my hours so I could take a step back. I was still able to continue with working and to have a fantastic work/life balance.”

Above and beyond

“After a year, I fell pregnant again and had my second daughter who was also born deaf. Again, I had to keep my development going, but there was so much support available to help me continue to grow my career and be a caring mum too. I picked up a second apprenticeship, and then got promoted. No matter what, development is such a huge focus. The Group are really there for you.”

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