Meet Jacob, a Graduate Software Engineer

I chose to apply for Northrup Grumman largely due to the values the company upheld while also being a part of interesting and meaningful work. This coupled with the location of the London office and clear care for employees meant I was very excited about the prospect of working for the company.


Graduate Software Engineer

Northrop Grumman

The recruitment and selection process was very smooth, easy to follow and timely. Northrop Grumman was very clear with how the process was run and I was never unsure of what was happening. Not waiting any longer than ~2 weeks between stages of the application was an important factor in why I chose to join the company. The assessment centre was also very well run and felt very comfortable and easy to show my best attributes.

The induction week allowed us to learn even more about the company as well as meet some important people. The soft skills training was incredibly useful in learning how to navigate our professional career and drew attention to important areas we might not have focused on. The whole week was incredibly well run and getting to meet the other graduates allowed us to get to know each other and set up good working relationships.

For the rest of the graduate scheme in front of me I’m most looking forward to joining onto projects and getting real work done once I’ve completed the NG academy which will teach me how to work in that professional environment the best.

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