Meet Freya, a Data Management Analyst

I chose Ordnance Survey as I wanted to dive into everything related to maps, and where better than the national mapping agency for GB!


Freya Cooper

Data Management Analyst

Ordnance Survey

What does your role include?

  • My role as a Data Management Analyst includes working through large datasets, using SQL to pull out chunks of data I need to analyse, and connecting old and new OS data to answer questions of our OS data.

What is the best thing about your role?

  • My role has a lot of flexibility and I currently have three quite different workstreams ongoing which provides plenty of opportunities to learn something new and never be bored.

What is one of your favourite projects you’ve had the opportunity to work on?

  • My favourite project I have worked on was during my first graduate rotation where I assisted on a consultation project with Transport for West Midlands, helping them to manage their roads, cycle paths, bus lanes and pathway data to help move Birmingham towards being a 15-minute city.

What training have you received at OS?

  • I have learnt how to use SQL, ArcPy within ArcGIS Pro, and python, as well as programs such as FME, SQL Developer and PGAdmin.

Are you involved in any networks at OS?

  • I am a co-lead of the Women’s+ Development Network as well as running weekly yoga sessions that run hybrid on Teams as well as in HQ.

What makes OS a great place to work?

  • The work life balance is a big plus at OS, with the flexibility to take breaks when you need and get out for some fresh air. Also, everyone is always very welcoming and happy to have a chat if you ever have questions, whether that be in-person or online.

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