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I am studying Politics with Economics at the University of Bath. I joined Otsuka 5 months ago as a Communications Intern and have found my experience to be very rewarding. My team is small, so I feel like my contribution matters and I feel like I make a difference. At the start of my internship, they went to great lengths to make sure I was up-to-speed and treated me like a valued member of the team.

Otsuka has put in a lot of effort to aid the interns’ professional development. I know that many other companies that offer placements do not put the same resources into intern development and it has been very helpful in my role.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe has employees from all over the world. One of the things I have enjoyed the most in my internship has been working with colleagues from global backgrounds.

In communications, we receive many requests from different stakeholders in the business. At first it was quite hard to keep on top of everything, but now I am proud of how my ability to juggle lots of different projects has developed.

I resonate with Otsuka’s value of collaboration. I have regular one-on-one check ins with my manager. These are very helpful as it makes sure our priorities are aligned. I feel that my team value my input in meetings and on projects.

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