Paulina Kowalska Intern Profile


Paulina Kowalska

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

I joined Otsuka in June 2023, being completely new to the Pharmaceutical industry I have really enjoyed my Internship so far. I am currently a student at Solent University in Southampton, studying for a degree in Business Management.

I found the Human Resources Otsuka Internship 2023 programme which I decided to apply for after my second year of university study.

Previously I had worked in hospitality, but I wanted to gain new experience and a different industry has brought great opportunities for me to develop business skills. I have been given projects that allow me to learn a great deal about all aspects of business and I love working here.

Alongside my work experience I have attended a number of learning events with my fellow Interns and we have regular meetings with senior colleagues to understand all aspects of the business.

In addition to activities in pharmaceutical and healthcare field, within Otsuka we prioritises values such as creativity, excellence, collaboration, compassion and integrity, the value that stands out for me is collaboration! All my colleagues have welcomed me, helped me to learn in my role and are very supportive as I progress in my Internship.

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