Petronia Kayembe-Intern Profile


Petronia Kayembe

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

I’m Petronia Kayembe and I’m currently a student at University of Birmingham, studying Biomedical Science. I joined Otsuka in June 2023 as an Ethics & Compliance Intern, which I have been enjoying so far. My experience so far has been very valuable and informative, as I have learnt so much about the importance of compliance and the pharmaceutical industry.

A typical day as an Ethics & Compliance Intern would consist of monitoring the company’s activities, executing ABPI Code case training, and reviewing and analysing standard operating procedures.

Tips that I would give students applying for an internship would be to make sure to prepare answers for potential questions that could be asked and in interviews, link all the transferable skills you’ve acquired from university or previous jobs to how they could help you manage the responsibilities of the role you’re applying to.

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