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Federica Passaretta

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

I joined Otsuka pharmaceuticals at the end of June 2023, and I am currently working on the OPUK side of Otsuka for 12 months as part of my placement programme at university. I am working alongside the Market Access team as part of the pipeline in the drug discovery process, working on various projects to support the launch of innovative drugs. Having been here for various months now, I have been exposed to the world of pharmaceuticals which has sparked my curiosity to learn all there is about the journey of each drug therapy.

I am currently studying Biomedical science at Kings college London and upon finishing my internship with Otsuka will return to my studies for my final year of university. I have always had an interest in science and wanted to explore a different side of science and thought that working in Market Access would enable me to do this and even delve slightly into the world of business. I also thought it would be a good fit for me seeing as I had a science foundation already and to further explore my career options through a year of experience in an area of interest.

Working in this role has exposed to me to all sides of pharma within the company which has been one of my favourite parts as the flexibility of the role has allowed me to work across all the different drug areas and focus on parts that were of curiosity or interest to me. Something else I have loved so far particularly about Otsuka is the warm and collaborative culture that has been cultivated in Otsuka which is highlighted by the five core values within the company, one being collaboration. The idea that working alongside one another and supporting each other will result in the strongest outcomes is something that is constantly reiterated within the company and something I strongly agree with, which links in with another one of their core values, excellence.

Throughout my work experience I have also worked alongside the other interns in both OPUK and OPEL where we have attended training courses and taken part in charity events which have allowed us to get to know one another as well as better ourselves in the workplace and learn how each and every individual brings a different set of skills to the table. I hope to continue to expand my knowledge of pharma and make the most of the remaining months of my placement.

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