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After university, I knew I wanted to stay in Leeds but I didn’t want to pursue a career in something directly related to my degree. I wanted to do something more practical instead. I’d worked in healthcare informatics as a student, doing data entry and things like that, and I’d found the sector interesting and rewarding. So, when I found the Analyst role at TPP, it sounded ideal for me.

My main priority as an Analyst is working with healthcare organisations to understand what they’re trying to achieve, the challenges they face, and what they need from an IT system in order to make their lives easier. The role really varies from day to day and is never repetitive so I’m definitely never bored. There’s lots of independence and autonomy in the work I do and I often have the opportunity to get involved in projects I’m interested in. I’ve been trusted to lead on projects since the start, which has really helped to build my confidence. There’s a nice balance of meeting people and engaging with our customers and more technical and design-based work, and I’ve been able to develop lots of technical skills and knowledge that are completely separate from my university degree.

It’s fantastic to work with so many dedicated and clever people and the fact that many teams often work together on projects makes for a really supportive environment. Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time working with customers in different countries to establish how to best adapt our software to suit their varying needs. The opportunities I’ve had to travel have been amazing and something I never expected!

Working here offers some great benefits, like being able to go sailing in the Caribbean, which I’d never tried before and was such an incredible experience. It’s also been nice to have been able to stay in Leeds, since there’s so much to do and absolutely loads of great pubs!

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