How will my consulting career progress?

We look at a typical route to the top of the consulting profession, from graduate starter to partner.

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  • Entry point for graduates.
  • Responsible for part of the problem-solving activities.
  • Carries out research and data collection.
  • Conducts analysis.
  • Spends majority of time at the client site.


  • Entry point for MBAs.
  • Identifies issues, forms hypotheses and helps implement change.
  • Manages larger aspects of problem solving.
  • Presents findings and formulates recommendations.
  • Helps structure the work and manages analysts.

Senior associate/engagement manager/senior consultant

  • Project manager on smaller projects.
  • Responsible for overseeing an aspect of a large project.
  • Assigns work to the team.
  • Leads and manages those within the team.

Principal/senior manager

  • Project manages all phases of a project.
  • Responsible for delivering a project on time.
  • Nurtures talent within the team.
  • Day-to-day adviser for clients.


  • Sector expert.
  • Strategic adviser to senior clients.
  • Generates new business and develops client relationships.
  • Oversees the growth and direction of the firm.

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