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Really? That’s Accenture? Nine surprising company facts

21 Jun 2023, 15:41

There are lots of reasons why you should apply for one of Accenture’s graduate programmes – here are just nine of them.

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If you’re interested in a groundbreaking career but think corporate culture might be impersonal and distant, here are some future-proof, fun and forward-thinking reasons to join Accenture’s global family.

1. It’s among the world’s most ethical companies

Ethisphere researches, measures and celebrates the world’s most ethical companies every year. It also ranks those that make a positive impact on their communities through ethics, compliance and culture, and puts Accenture among the top in the globe.

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2. Accenture has more than 7,400 patents and patents pending

With a strong intellectual property portfolio developed over 25 years, and plenty more pending across 45 countries, Accenture’s future looks bright. When it comes to patents, trade secrets, brands, trademarks and copyrights, Accenture has interests in applied intelligence, automation, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital assistants, the ‘Internet of Things’ and other platforms.

3. Everyone gets three (free) days off for volunteering

You won’t have to use up precious holiday to engage with socially constructive and ethical projects. You could take a day off to volunteer at a charity, organise a group fundraising event, or book all your days together to support a cause that’s dear to you.

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4. Its staff developed a rewilding app as part of an eco-competition

As one of a number of imaginative ideas prompted by Accenture’s eco-challenge to staff, the ‘reimagine, rewild’ app helps users revisualise their local environment transformed by thriving nature. At the same time, the app teaches the benefits of rewilding and biodiversity and serves as an educational tool.

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5. It’s a Times Top 50 place to work for women

Women account for almost 60% of new hires and Accenture has grown its percentage of female managing directors. The company aims to achieve a gender balanced workforce by 2025 and has been in the Working Mother 100 Best Companies for 17 consecutive years. It’s an ethos that father of daughters Julian Ford, an Accenture project delivery lead, is proud to be part of.

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6. Clients like Accenture’s service and delivery

In 2020, 95 of Accenture’s top 100 clients had worked with the organisation for more than a decade.

7. It’s a good place to start a career...

targetjobs’ sister company Cibyl polls thousands of students annually, gauging their aspirations and where they’d like to work when they leave uni. Accenture is always in the top 300 employers listed in the UK 300 , this year climbing six places to number 37.

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8. ...and stay

The global management team have put 25 years of their working life, on average, into this world leading business, while the 8,000 managing directors have clocked up, on average, 16 years of commitment.

9. Diversity, diversity, diversity

Whether it’s LGBTQ+ inclusive culture, a celebration of ethnicity and race, awareness of disability and enablement, or a commitment to social mobility, Accenture is driving positive change.

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What next?

Discover more about Accenture on its targetjobs organisation hub or go directly to the Accenture early careers website (see graduate and undergraduate opportunities).

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