What to expect from BT's assessment centre

Before you attend BT's assessment centre, read our advice on the different stages you should expect to encounter.

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BT invites applicants who have been successful in its video interview to a virtual assessment centre. You'll receive a virtual invite in advance, alongside some preparational materials. On the day, along with a group of other candidates, you’ll complete a number of tasks designed to assess specific strengths, such as how you work and solve problems.

To find out what is involved in BT’s assessment centres, TARGETjobs spoke to Corinne Dugdale, a graduate recruitment advisor (and a recent graduate herself), who shared her advice and insights.

What to expect at BT’s assessment centre

This assessment day is made up of a number of stages:

  • a group exercise
  • an interview
  • a presentation.

Corinne adds, ‘Our assessment centres consist of both individual and group tasks. You will also have the opportunity to speak to BT graduates who are currently on programme and sat the assessment process themselves within the last two years.'

How you can impress at the group exercise

Recruiters will be on the look out to see how you work with others. Corinne reassures, ‘There are no right or wrong outcomes to each task, and no one will be "knocked out" before the assessment centre ends. Instead, we will be looking at how you deal with the task at hand.’

The aim of the group exercise isn’t to stand out, or to be the loudest person in the room, instead it’s to be a good team player. Show you are listening to, and taking on board, the suggestions of other candidates in order to come to a solution you are presented with. ‘It’s as much about how you listen and communicate with others as it is about the ideas you are contributing,’ says Corinne.

Focus on showcasing your teamwork and communication skills and work towards the success of the group as a whole. For examples, ways you could focus on the group’s success include making suggestions about how to approach the task (such as by splitting into sub-groups to tackle different problems, if appropriate) or volunteering to be a scribe or to take notes for the rest of the group.

Top tip: think about BT's values

Corinne advises that, ‘The values of personal, simple and brilliant are lived out through everyone’s role every day when you’re working here. If you can demonstrate that during the assessments, then that would be very impressive for recruiters.’ Look into BT’s values and corporate vision on BT’s website and consider how you would convey these in your responses and your actions throughout the day. And, importantly, make sure you are clear in your own mind about your motivations for wanting to work at BT before the assessment centre begins.

Top tip: use your time wisely

‘Try and keep calm under pressure,’ states Corinne, ‘you’re given time to prepare and there’s usually a lot of information for you to get through – so it’s about prioritising. Try and pick out the key bits of information and use your time wisely.’

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