Local government administrator: job description

Administrators work for local councils on administrative, financial and human resources tasks.

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What does a local authority administrator do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills

Administrators keep local councils running smoothly. They look after the information that council staff need to do their jobs – for example, details about customers, projects, finances and community facilities.

Duties also include:

  • communicating with residents and colleagues
  • creating documents
  • keeping records
  • organising meetings, producing agendas and taking minutes
  • servicing committee meetings
  • helping formulate and implement council policies
  • researching and writing reports
  • liaising with contractors, private companies, partnerships and other organisations
  • financial or accounts administration

There are good opportunities for career progression via promotion into senior administrative and managerial roles, or movement between departments.

Typical employers of local government administrators

  • Local authorities including district, borough, city and unitary councils.

Jobs are advertised by local and national job sites. They may also be advertised in community news sources: look out for adverts in online neighbourhood groups, sites and community newsletters.

There are also websites dedicated to local government jobs, such as LG Jobs.

Qualifications and training required

You don't need a degree to become a local government administrator, although a degree in law, politics or other social sciences may be helpful. Your skills and experience are more important, as is your commitment to working for your community.

Typical skills for local authority administrators

Recruiters look for people who are organised and who have good communication skills. Other essential skills and qualities include:

  • good numerical skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • IT skills
  • administrative skills
  • attention to detail
  • customer service skills.

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