On-the-job sales qualifications for graduates

If you want to take extra qualifications while working in sales, there are various options open to graduates. However, sales is a job where results speak loudest, so there’s no obligation to study in order to progress.

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Qualifications in sales at various levels are available from the two professional bodies, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM). Both offer courses from an introductory to advanced level and cover sales theory as well as skills. Most employers, however, are concerned with on-the-job performance so career progression is likely to be based on results rather than diplomas.

These courses can cost several thousand pounds so it is well worth thinking carefully about your options, whether such a qualification is necessary for your career and whether your employer will fund your study. Progression within the field is very much dependent on how hard you work, with repeated success in beating targets or a high number of sales likely to be rewarded with bonuses or promotion.

It is quite common for individuals to change between companies in search of a better salary and prospects. As such competition can be pretty fierce within the sector so qualifications or a good sales record can be a real boost and help you on your way to the heady (and well paid) heights of account management and beyond!

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