Meet Benjamin, Graduate Customer Experience Analyst


Benjamin Jordan

Graduate Customer Experience Analyst


Why did you apply to Arqiva?

After finishing my degree, I was looking into companies with more of a technology and business focus. Arqiva seemed to fit that description perfectly, with a focus on driving technology forward and strong relationships with well-known businesses across the UK.
The graduate program itself also intrigued me, with their focus on continuous development as part of the program being a key factor that compelled me to apply.

What do you enjoy about working at Arqiva?

Everyday you feel like you are making a meaningful difference to peoples lives at Arqiva; whether that means working with well-known businesses, working on providing critical infrastructure people use every day, or working to ensure the public receive the wide range of services we provide on a day-to-day basis, every part of the business plays an important role.
We have a fantastic company culture and I feel like you could reach out to any colleague and they would be excited to tell you about what they do in their role.

Describe your role

I joined Arqiva as a Graduate Customer Experience Analyst. In this role I help drive improvements across the business through the use of data with a focus on the customer’s experience. This means I get to work with colleagues from across entirely different areas of the business and it presents a wide array of areas where I feel I could drive productive change.

Any advice to potential applicants?

Make the most out of the application process, be open about who you are and demonstrate why you feel you would be a valuable addition to the team in the role you are applying for.
I really enjoyed the application process when I joined and, looking back, I can see how the people running it were really trying to understand how I could become a valued member of the team.

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