Meet Mark, Graduate Account Manager (Public Service Broadcast)


Mark Christou

Graduate Account Manager (Public Service Broadcast)


Why did you apply to Arqiva?

Arqiva works in broadcast and media. It is fascinating to witness being behind the scenes in getting content from the studio to millions of homes, whether that be through Satellite, transmissions into TV aerials, or even cloud based streaming.

What do you enjoy about working at Arqiva?

The size of the company is big enough that the work we do makes a meaningful impact on society for the better on a large scale, but small enough to retain its innovative spark and experiment with exciting new technologies and products.

The graduate community is also warm and welcoming, and it is good to have contacts positioned in differing areas of the business, to learn more about the wider company.

Describe your role

My role is to help manage the commercial relationship between Arqiva and it’s public sector broadcasting customers. Big names include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. This involves understanding what customers want, and exploring opportunities to develop our business to fit these needs. You represent the voice of the customers to our entire organisation.

Any advice to potential applicants?

Do your research about the role and the company, and most importantly show off your personality and passion!

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