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My name is Michał Krzyżański, I’m an intern in Technology Risk Management working there on data analysis. B


Michał Krzyżański

Technology Risk Management Intern

BNY Mellon

Before stumbling upon an internship listing on the web, I have never heard about BNY Mellon. However, I quickly became interested by its culture, size, and nature of their business, which to my surprise turned out to differ greatly from other banks.

One of my first tasks assigned by my manager was to have coffee and talk to everyone, which helped me to understand processes relatively quickly I was involved in as well as the bigger picture of how my line of business operates and interacts with other lines. Every day is a bit different: as an intern its important to learn. Therefore, I performed activities ranging from translating documentation from technical to human, entering data into the system, analysing and aggregating data and creating reports.

However, the most satisfying was the possibility of taking initiative and developing your own solutions. During my time here I was able to put my university knowledge into use and propose and develop a working prototype of a machine learning based solution to a problem of document misclassification. It wouldn’t be possible without interest and encouragement of my manager and colleagues. Creativity and interdisciplinary approach are very much encouraged and appreciated here!

All my positive experiences wouldn’t have been possible without all the positive people! BNY Mellon is client and result oriented, yet it manages to maintain the workplace relatively stress free. I got to know and work with interesting people with multitude of life and career paths from different countries. Any feedback I ever got was constructive but also managed to be encouraging. Engaging and fun integrations organised by HR made me truly feel as part of the community. This helped further develop my skills, consider new perspectives, and maintain excitement during my experience here.

In terms of career development, I also really appreciated unlimited access to Pluralsight. I was able to gain some further expertise in machine learning, but also learn the basics of risk management concepts and refresh some cybersecurity knowledge. Additionally, BNY Mellon gives opportunities to learn from one another. I joined AI/ML community of practice and was able to attend interesting lectures on the intersection of finance and AI. Lunch and learn sessions are an easy way to find out about what your colleagues do, while enjoying your lunch. All in all, I can summarise my opinion in one sentence: After the internship programme I will definitely consider a career at BNY Mellon.

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