Five things you should know about EY-Parthenon before you apply

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If your online application to EY-Parthenon is successful, you’ll be invited to take part in the next stage of the recruitment process. This will usually consist of two rounds of interviews, both of which will contain case interviews. The first will be conducted CV blind; the second round will include a CV led interview.

The firm's recruiters will be looking for qualities such as strong analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, self-confidence and entrepreneurship. They will also be looking for evidence that you have spent time researching what makes EY-Parthenon tick. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge of the firm at interview so that you can convince recruiters that you want to be a graduate associate at EY-Parthenon above all other consulting firms . We’ve created a checklist of five key things you should have on your radar before applying for a graduate job with the firm:

EY-Parthenon’s history . Make sure you can say more than that the strategy consulting firm The Parthenon Group combined with EY in 2014. Do some research into EY-Parthenon's relationship with the wider EY community, for example.It’s also a good idea to research company news and familiarise yourself with their recent work. For example, EY-Parthenon’s report on the future of higher education was recently cited by Forbes magazine. You could mention this in an interview and offer your own opinion on the report, demonstrating commercial awareness and enthusiasm for the company simultaneously.

EY-Parthenon’s focus . The firm’s main focus is on strategy. Can you explain what that means, and how that will affect your career? Do you understand what is meant by core value propositions, competitive positioning, and growth strategies?

The industries the UK EY-Parthenon office works with . Know the kinds of industries and sectors where you'll find your clients if you get a job with EY-Parthenon. Be able to say a little about each of the following (although the firm will start you off as a generalist, as you progress you may develop an interest in a particular sector and find your work more focused):

  • Diversified industrial products & services
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare & life sciences
  • Private equity
  • Retail, consumer & leisure and technology
  • Technology, media & telecoms.

The general EY-Parthenon website offers a good summary of each of these sectors and how the firm works with them.

The kind of work that EY-Parthenon’s associates will do . Be able to say a little about the kind of tasks you’ll undertake as an associate. It’s okay not to know everything, but read up about case teams (what they are, who they’re usually comprised of, and how their work streams are formed), and what to expect in client and case team meetings.

Understand ‘Smart.Nice.Driven’ . This is a phrase you’ll come across frequently during the recruitment process. Can you articulate what this actually means in a business context? Can you demonstrate to recruiters how you are each of these things?

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