Meet Alex, a Data Science & Analytics Graduate

After achieving his goal to work at Lloyds Banking Group, Alex’s bright insights are playing a part in accelerating our tech transformation. Alex is now a Data Science & Analytics Graduate



Data Science & Analytics Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Finding your feet

“I did a degree in Maths and Statistics at the University of Bath before joining Lloyds Banking Group. While I was studying my degree, I also did a placement year, where I worked with Lloyds in the Risk division on projects to do with mortgage risk. It was so interesting; I really enjoyed the workplace.”

Achieving personal goals

“When I found out that there was a Data Science & Analytics grad scheme that aligned so well with what I had been doing at uni, applying for it was a no brainer. This role is something I worked towards in my final year of my degree, and now, here I am. I feel very, very lucky.”

Changing scenery

“As a grad, you’ll do three rotations in three different parts of Lloyds Banking Group. Because it’s such a massive business, one team can be really, really different from any other team, not only in what they do, but also in how they work. Each rotation gives you the opportunity to try different roles and different working styles. You truly get an idea of aspects you like and also what you don’t like as much. In every area of the business, I like seeing how tech brings people together.”

Future-forward growth

“You can really feel the tech transformation that’s happening. Lloyds Banking Group has a huge focus on it and our tech and data capabilities are rapidly expanding because of that. I think the current grad schemes are a really good example of some the investments being made for the future – there are going to be even more grads starting next year who will join us on this journey.”

Always learning

“There are always a lot of opportunities to advance my knowledge in tech. I've received training for professional qualifications on Google Cloud Platform, for example, which will help us streamline our analytics work. Training like this helps us hit the ground running, now and in the future. And all grads here have access to that level of training. The Group is supportive in wanting us to upskill and continually grow, which helps us grads develop personally and professionally.”

Set yourself apart

“During the interview process at Lloyds Banking Group, I think it's really important to just be yourself. There's a genuine encouragement to bring your whole self to work here. This is a place that’s nice and welcoming and inclusive. Everyone is encouraged to be who they really are.”

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