Meet Elliot, a Risk Apprentice

Knowing that a degree doesn’t automatically guarantee a job these days, Elliot wanted to be strategic about where he could learn and develop in the early stages of his career. Elliot is now a Risk Apprentice



Risk Apprentice

Lloyds Banking Group

Making your own way

“I was originally set on going to uni to study Economics at LSE in London. When I did some more research on alternative studying paths, I realised that maybe I don't need to go to uni to get a degree — maybe I can do an apprenticeship. It made sense for me to not go to uni full time and instead step into the finance sector right away. Plus, you can get a degree and it won’t even guarantee you’ll get a job in your field anymore. I knew that once I was in Lloyds Banking Group, I could always progress and work my way up. This was the better option for me.”

Chasing dreams

“I joined Lloyds Banking Group as an apprentice right after college with my A levels. When I came across the listing for the apprenticeship that I’m on now, in Risk, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. I feel fortunate to be here, and I’m proud to say that my apprenticeship is going really well.”

Connecting with clients

“In my day-to-day, I pick up business applications that are ready for review and reach out to the client directly to get some additional information. These are things like their personal information and any relevant business information, like ownership and trade details. I then report on that and connect the dots. I love being able to have that kind of contact with clients and learn more about them.”

Learning and growing

“Every application ends up being completely different. I don't think I've had any that are the exact same yet. And if the client isn't the most talkative person, and they're not looking to have a conversation, you learn to adapt to each customer. It’s helping me to further develop my communication skills.”

Advocating for yourself

“Personal development is the most important thing to me right now. Although I am extremely focused on my career and making sure that I have the best career I can, what comes first is my personal development. As long as I'm learning and improving myself, I'm happy. As a result of me progressing and developing, I know I’ll receive more opportunities.”

Steady progression

“I haven't got a direct path of exactly what to do next in my long-term career path, I just want to continually better myself so that I have multiple routes available for me. I like the freedom of figuring it all out as I learn, and there are so many opportunities at Lloyds Banking Group to do just that. I am excited to focus on improving myself, my knowledge of the Group and its services, and the different skills that will help me excel.”

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