Meet Roisin, a Risk Graduate

Roisin went from an uninspiring science lab to Lloyds Banking Group. Now she’s using her unconventional background to pave the way to a brighter future. Roisin is now a Risk Graduate.



Risk Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Finding your own path

“I was involved in a lot of lab projects while in my final year of studying Biochemistry. I applied to some pharmaceutical roles as I was finishing my degree, but quickly realised the lonely and repetitive lab environment was not best suited to me. So, I started looking at different roles involving skills I enjoyed, such as data and analytics. I'd heard from friends who went into banking that I might find a role suited to those skills, so I did some research and applied.”

A new home

“As I read more about the Risk division, I realised that it’s very broad and there are lots of

different opportunities. When I read through the Lloyds Banking Group website and saw the values

and purpose to Help Britain Prosper, my interest was really solidified.”

Getting ahead

“I found in my first placement that there were a lot of coding and different techniques that I hadn't used before, so it was nerve-wracking at first. I didn't know all that much about how the Group worked, so my manager signed me up to some short courses to help me get a basis of knowledge that helped me understand the role better.”

Develop your way

“At the start of the year I made three development points to work on. If your manager thinks there's a course that's suitable for you, then they'll place you on that, or if there's available training that will help you progress, they'll point you in the right direction. They just want you to get ahead.”

The right fit

“Everyone is always there to help you succeed. There’s definitely a lot of support. The supportive atmosphere was one of the main reasons why I chose Lloyds Banking Group.”

Future forward

“They really invest in the opinions of their young staff. I am a member of a new initiative where some younger colleagues within the Group have formed a Gen Z fintech collective. We attend regular meetings where we are presented with fintech companies Lloyds Banking Group is considering investing in and provide our opinions and ideas. It’s about what younger generations think will be useful for the future.”

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