Meet Tanyaradzwa, a Corporate Banking & Markets Graduate

A dream of helping develop countries was the catalyst for Tanyaradzwa’s step into a career in Energy Transition and Commodities at Lloyds Banking Group. Tanyaradzwa is now a Corporate Banking & Markets Graduate and Chair of Commercial Banking Graduate Committee.



Corporate Banking & Markets Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Growth and change

“I've always wanted to do something that has a genuine impact on other people and that positively influences people's lives. That’s why I was always interested in working to help develop countries. My main interest lies in facilitating development through the energy transition. I want to develop my region, so I wanted to find a career that would give me the tools to create change.”

Searching for better

“I researched a lot of different graduate schemes to see what was out there, and I eventually landed on the Lloyds Banking Group website. I trusted my instinct and applied, I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason.”

Global development

“I initially didn’t want to work in banking — I was unsure about whether I would be a good fit. But when I learned about the infrastructure gap during my master’s degree, I began to see how working within a bank could make a tangible difference to developing communities. When I joined, it just felt right.”

Making lasting connections

“I was recently told in a feedback session with a manager that I have the best senior network that they've ever seen for someone so early in their career. To me, that says a lot. I think I'm pretty good at making connections and nurturing my network, but I've also had so many opportunities to chat with a wide range of people. Colleagues here will make time for you. You can get to know them, have access to their expertise and feel supported by them.”

Fresh perspectives

“I’m the newest member of our internal Race Action Plan working group that is striving to make changes within the business. I think a lot of people, including myself, benefit from visualisation. We want to build momentum and action across all areas of the Group.”

Boosting confidence

“I know so much more now about a range of topics. I’m getting more comfortable with numbers, which isn’t something that I'm naturally drawn towards. And I think I've also developed in terms of being more confident in myself and understanding how to feel more confident at work.”

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