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I joined Mace in March 2021 following my degree in Geography and now I am a Sustainability Assistant. I wanted to join Mace because I wanted to work in the construction industry where I am able to challenge traditional practices which are typically very unsustainable.


Meena Bhogal

Sustainable Assistant


What does your role include?

I work across Mace’s construct and consult engines and have different responsibilities in each. Within the construct engine, I report on a project’s energy, water, and waste performance, suggest innovations to make the project more sustainable, and provide evidence for green certifications. Within the consult engine, I provide services to meet client needs which have included emissions calculations, decarbonisation strategies, and sustainability reviews.

What is one think that has surprised you about your job?

As a graduate I have felt that I am a valued member of the Responsible Business team at Mace. I expected to just do admin tasks or support other team members with what they are working on; instead I am pleased that I have been given real responsibility within the delivery of projects and been presented with many opportunities to suggest and implement carbon reduction initiatives. I have not only supported project delivery but I have also been able to help with corporate actions such as ESG ratings for Mace. There are endless possibilities to learn and an abundance of support and training.

What is great about the sustainability team?

The Responsible Business Team at Mace is a strong team of 140+ industry experts; the skills of the team members vary from carbon, water, and waste to biodiversity, modern slavery, and social value. The projects which the team completed covers various different topics, clients, and locations. Within the Responsible Business Team, I really feel that I am tackling the climate crisis through challenging norms within the construction industry and business as usual practices for companies.

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