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Product Specialist


I loved my degree and time at university but knew that I didn’t want to pursue further education or be in a directly clinical role. After graduating during the pandemic, I wasn’t sure about what jobs would be available or the specific role I wanted but I knew that I wanted to work in a customer facing role in healthcare. The Product Specialist job at TPP stood out as exactly what I was looking for.

As a Product Specialist, I have an extremely varied role. I could be delivering training to users in a community hospital one day or demonstrating the system to potential customers the next. We have users all over the UK and abroad, so I often get to travel the country and have opportunities to travel the world too.

One of my favourite parts of the role is being on-site when an organisation ‘goes-live’ with one of our products. A go-live can present different challenges for new users who are still getting used to the product whilst keeping on top of their daily tasks. By the end of the week, it’s so rewarding seeing what a difference your input and training has made.

Most recently, I’ve had more involvement in the development of our Acute Hospital product. It’s been a challenge to learn how differently each healthcare setting works but I have such a fantastic team who are approachable and provide support whenever it’s needed. Despite my team living in different locations across the UK, TPP makes sure we still have opportunities to socialise and get to know each other and everyone else in the office.

I feel like my role has really helped me to develop my confidence and ability to deal with challenges and I look forward to seeing what it’ll teach me next!

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