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Service Analyst


I worked in the hospitality sector during my undergraduate studies and pursued this full-time for a couple of years before looking for something more challenging and rewarding. After studying languages and only having experience in hospitality I wasn't sure if I’d be well-suited to a role at a healthcare technology company, however I realised soon after starting that my lack of experience in the industry really didn't matter.

There are a large variety of projects that the Service Analyst team get involved with both domestically and internationally. Shortly after starting, I was leading the GPES project which involves the development and delivery of primary care data extracts that provide the basis for UK GP payments and Pandemic Planning and Research programmes. More recently I have been working on international Electronic Health Record projects which involved several trips to both Malaysia and Jamaica.

Problem solving is an integral part of the work we do; we work closely with the Software Developers and Business Analysts to create real-life solutions to problems and implement improvements to our products. It's extremely rewarding to see the work we do have a positive impact on the day-to-day life of healthcare professionals around the world.

We are all well rewarded for the work that we do at TPP. Within four years of working here I’ve been on several all-expenses paid trips, including sailing in the Caribbean and skiing in the French Alps. We also get regular pay rises, a £300 birthday meal allowance and a bar tab at the pub every Friday.

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