Meet Sam, a Risk Analyst with WTW

Practice area - ICT P&C (2021 grad) University - University of Southampton Course -Mathematics Master’s


Sam Scannelli

Risk Analyst


What attracted you to WTW?

The opportunity to work in a role where I could put my numeric mind to good

use, as well as the opportunity to undertake the actuarial exams and be fully

supported in my journey through these. Furthermore as being completely

new to actuarial work the chance to work in a consultancy gives me the

opportunity to try lots of different things by getting involved in a whole

spectrum of projects so I am easily able to find out what I enjoy and pursue

that in the longer term.

What type of work have you been involved in?

I have mainly been involved in reserving work but have the opportunity to try

out some capital work also. Also hoping to try some pricing work at some

point in the future.

What training and opportunities does WTW offer?

WTW offers a wide range of software and industry training available

regularly as well as having recordings of previous training sessions to watch

whenever it suits you! You are really free to become an expert in whatever

software/area suits you and they fully support you in mastering it. The

opportunities are also great as there is always something new you can get

involved in and the opportunities themselves are incredibly diverse.

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