Meet Tanya, and find out about her time with WTW

Location - London Practice area - Employee Experience University - London School of Economics Course - BSc International Relations with Mandarin


Tanya Marwaha

Analyst – Talent Management and Organisational Development


What attracted you to WTW?

When looking for jobs, WTW caught my interest for a few reasons. The first was

the nature of the role I was looking to apply to, I felt my existing experience

complimented the role’s responsibilities well and there was a large scope for


Secondly, the emphasis on culture and the people here at WTW stood out to me.

When I did more research on WTW, connected with some people who work at

WTW to learn more about its culture, I kept hearing the same thing; “it is the

people here”. Since joining WTW this has proven accurate, and I can understand

why WTW’s culture and people is so valued.

What type of work have you been involved in?

Since joining WTW I have already been involved with a wide range of projects with

different people across the team. These projects include pension communications

for large annuity clients, exciting benefits enrolment campaign and mental health

focused annual campaigns. Each project involves a new way of thinking about

things, different working styles amongst the team and interacting with a range of

clients and industries.

Also, I have been involved with internal work here at WTW. For example, being a

part of the wellbeing team in my segment and leading an Early Careers

workstream to understand how Early Careers new joiners have found their training

and induction.

What training and opportunities does WTW offer?

Since joining WTW there have been lots of different opportunities offered, these

include working with different terms of various client projects, getting involved with

internal WTW projects and expanding your learning. There are multitudes of

interesting training modules available across the business areas on our digital

training platform. My favourite has been ‘The Art of Consulting’ sessions that deep

dive into the basics on consulting and how to become a great consultant

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