Meet Tom, Graduate Management Trainee



Graduate Management Trainee

XPO Logistics

I am very happy to share my experience whilst on the XPO Logistics graduate programme. From the moment I joined the programme nearly two years ago, I knew I had made the best decision. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my time on the programme.

Throughout the programme, so many opportunities have been made available to me. I am thankful to work for a company that invests in my future the way XPO have. All throughout my journey, I have received amazing support from my XPO network and i am happy to work for a company that care about my career and personal growth as much I do.

XPO have made many different qualifications & courses available to me along my journey which have allowed me to develop my skill set & broaden my knowledge to be able to progress further in my career. Alongside my programme, I have also been able to complete my leadership & management apprenticeship with Fuel Learning.

The opportunity to work on various sites/contracts across the UK has allowed me to build a vast network of colleagues and industry professionals. My placements have allowed me to gain the practical experience in different areas of the company and build on my skills and knowledge across XPO.

Where were my placements? My first placement I spent 8 months on the ETEX contract in Bristol. My second placement was split across 2 months at XPO Leigh in Manchester & 6 months at Premier Decorations in Wrexham. I am currently on my third & final 8-month placement on the NISBETS contract in Chepstow! Throughout my programme, I was in close communication with the learning & development team about any further exposure I feel I may need when considering my next placement!

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this fantastic network & I am excited to see what the future holds as I enter the final stages of my journey on the programme!

I highly recommend the XPO Logistics graduate programme to any university graduate seeking to kickstart their career in the logistics industry. The programme offers a great path to build and develop skills, gain on the job practical experience in various roles, grow your network of industry professionals & achieve qualifications along your journey!

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