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Retail, buying and merchandising

Job roles explained

  • Logistics: area of work

    Logistics in retail is all about getting goods from A to B and managing everything in between. Born leaders who work well under pressure and love to travel could find quick career progression and great job satisfaction in this fast-moving area.


  • Merchandising: area of work

    Merchandisers put their analytical skills into practice to decide what should be sold where and the quantity of stock that is required. Business-minded graduates may find themselves well suited to this fast-paced area of retail.


  • Visual merchandising: area of work

    A graduate job in visual merchandising is a chance to combine your creativity and commercial awareness to design eye-catching displays that tempt customers into stores and drive sales. Being bang on trend and having confidence in your ideas are key to succeeding in this area of retail.


  • Retail management: area of work

    A graduate scheme in retail management could be the ideal path if you’re an organised communicator who thrives on variety and enjoys the buzz of a busy workplace.


  • Retail ecommerce, IT and technology: area of work

    Ecommerce, IT and technology are key points of focus for retailers, and graduates typically find lots of opportunities in these areas as a result.


  • Buying: area of work

    A graduate job in buying is not just an excuse for shopaholics to indulge their passion. It is an intense and varied retail role that demands a good grasp of logic, numeracy and long-term strategy. Read on to discover more about what a career in buying involves.


  • Fashion design: area of work

    You need to be more than a dedicated follower of fashion to make it as a fashion designer. Commercially minded graduates who can stay two steps ahead of consumer trends will thrive in this competitive area of retail – but be ready to do unpaid work experience or further study to get ahead.


  • Finance: area of work

    A graduate finance job within a retail organisation could be the ideal niche for communicative problem-solvers who are keen to work with numbers in a tangible business context – be it dealing with sales, customers or strategies.


  • Product technology and food technology: area of work

    Product technologists and food technologists are vital in the retail industry because all products must be deemed high quality and safe before they reach the store. Graduates with relevant degrees, project management skills and attention to detail are popular candidates for careers in these areas of retail.