Corporate banking: graduate area of work

Providing financial services to corporate clients with high turnovers.

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You will come into contact with senior figures in client organisations early in your career.

Corporate banks provide financial services to clients with turnovers between £25 million and £1.5 billion. Services include lending, clearing, investing deposits and organising specialist products as appropriate. There are three distinct roles within corporate banking.

First, there is relationship building. This concerns the day-to-day contact with a client and involves getting to know their business, making sure that their accounts are running smoothly, anticipating their needs and proactively trying to bring in all areas of the bank.

Second, people working in origination carry out research and marketing to bring new clients on board. Here networking with intermediaries such as accountants is one of the keys to success.

Third, corporate and structured finance focuses on acquisition finance where an equity house is involved. When a new client is identified, the corporate and structured finance team will have a major role in putting the deal together.

The most satisfying aspects of corporate banking are nurturing successful relationships and seeing clients grow and develop over a period of time. Another rewarding factor is that you will come into contact with senior figures in client organisations early in your career.

How graduates start out in corporate banking

Recruiters want to attract a range of skills, so graduates from any degree background are eligible to apply. Graduate training schemes facilitate placements in different areas of the business, after which graduates will be able to apply for roles that interest them. On joining, training will be given to develop skills such as teamworking, assertiveness, communication, networking, presentation, negotiating and leadership.

At the beginning there will be a lot of unfamiliar jargon and information to take in. It’s important to ask questions and be ready to take new concepts on board quickly, as well as to use your interpersonal skills to create a peer network that will provide you with invaluable support.

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The skills a good corporate banking candidate needs

Good candidates are enthusiastic and fast learners, with the ability to relate well to clients and colleagues and sufficient intellectual skill to analyse numbers and the business as a whole.

Job descriptions related to corporate banking

With thanks to Hugh Biddell, head of charities and public sector at the Royal Bank of Scotland, for his help with this article.

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