Why I chose Tech Consulting at PwC

21 Jun 2023, 15:41

Kerry is an Associate Technology Consultant at PwC. She spoke to us about why she chose a career in Tech Consulting and offered some application tips for graduates and students.

Kerry, Technology Consultant at PwC

Why Tech Consulting?

I studied Computing and Information Technology at university and chose Technology Consulting as I knew it would give me the opportunity to work with both up-and-coming technologies and also with clients – the size of PwC and the opportunities available were very attractive. When applying I also spoke with people I knew who already worked at PwC and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Had you had any experience of Tech Consulting before joining PwC?

During my third year at university, I completed a placement year at a multinational food and drink company, during which I worked within their Technology Solutions team, and before returning to my final year of studies at Queen’s University Belfast I was lucky enough to complete a three-day internship shadowing Louise Black, Director at PwC. I had an interview afterwards and was delighted to secure a graduate job.

Tell us about what you’re working on.

At the moment I’m working on a project for a broadband streaming company– this is a software that allows companies to automate and process financial data in a very quick and efficient manner.

And your role?

Within my team I’m a Reporting Analyst. I’m responsible for liaising with the client on a weekly basis, taking their requests and producing deliverables. I analyse their data and help to automate certain processes as well as identifying any discrepancies.

Has anything surprised you about working in Tech Consulting?

I think the variety of projects you can be a part of was surprising. You can work across so many sectors – finance, retail, private etc – the list is endless. It’s such an interesting area to be in as technology is rapidly evolving and there’s always something new and exciting.

What are the best aspects of working in this area?

Working within technology really opens a lot of doors, whether this is because you develop a lot of transferable skills, such as strong communication skills, or because you become familiar with using different technologies and software (probably both). Working within Tech Consulting at PwC also allows you to meet such a wide variety of people. On one call, for example, I was communicating with people right across the business as well meeting colleagues globally. There are no downsides – seriously. I've only been working for PwC for a year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every project I’ve been on. The people I’ve been able to work alongside have been beyond helpful, insightful, and super friendly.

A recent highlight has been moving to our new offices in Merchant Square – they’re stunning. Everything is brand new and the facilities are amazing. Being able to meet people face-to-face has been great too, of course.

How can a student decide which area of Tech Consulting would be best for them?

You’ll get an insight into all the areas of Tech Consulting during your initial training – both Consulting Essentials and Tech training. After you’ve completed your training, you’ll get assigned your first project, which can be from across the different streams (ie Cyber Security, Technology Data and Analytics, Digital Audit, Forensic Technology etc). You’ll move projects every three months (or after a project has finished) and therefore get to explore a variety of different projects and streams which helps you decide the stream that best suits you.

Is a Tech Consulting career possible with a non-tech background or degree?

Absolutely. Out of my cohort of 14, I was the only applicant with a computing related degree. We had people who’d studied Mathematics, French, Geography and Physics – so there was an entire range of degrees. We’re all Technology Consultants now. PwC recruiters look out for strong communication skills, an ability to adapt quickly to change, the ability to problem solve and other skills such as good team working skills and time management – your actual degree subject isn’t as important as having these skills.

Any top tips for students?

My advice to current students is to work hard at university and give it your all; however don’t let the studying get in the way of getting involved in extracurricular activities. Employers like to see that candidates have been involved with things outside university work, whether this is playing sports or being involved in different committees. It shows that you have the ability to manage your own time efficiently but also the fact that you’re willing to get involved with extra activities outside of studying. I’d also advise keeping up with the latest technologies and reading about new and upcoming innovations in the industry.

If you’d like to explore a career in Tech Consulting at PwC, you can find out more and apply here .

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