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Where in the UK are you most likely to get a graduate job?

Find out about where you are most likely to be offered a graduate job in the UK and beyond.

London is the country’s biggest hotspot for graduate recruitment, as you might expect, and offered just under 40% of all vacancies available from employers belonging to the Insitute of Student Employers (ISE) who were surveyed in summer 2018.

According to the survey findings published in September 2018 by ISE, 39% of graduate vacancies were based in the capital. This represents a fall compared with the response of ISE employers to the same survey in September 2016, when 45.9% of graduate vacancies on offer were in London.

ISE members are typically large, multinational companies that recruit large numbers of graduates, and it's important to bear in mind that there are also graduate employment opportunities with small businesses across the UK.

Graduate jobs across the UK and beyond

The ISE survey published in September 2018 found that the average ISE employer recruited into four different regions and some recruited right across the UK, with 79% recruiting graduates in London.

Some recruiters said that it was harder to recruit outside of London. They highlighted problems recruiting in Scotland and Yorkshire as well in some types of location such as coastal areas, particularly where there were few universities. 

Here's the breakdown of graduate hires by region.

  • London 39%
  • South East 9%
  • West Midlands 8%
  • North West 6%
  • Yorkshire and Humberside 6%
  • South West 6%
  • Scotland 5%
  • East Midlands 5%
  • East of England 2%
  • North East 2%
  • Wales 1%
  • Northern Ireland 1%
  • Middle East and Asia 1%
  • Europe 1%

Flexibility will increase your chances of getting hired

You will increase your chances of finding employment if you are willing to be flexible. Many big graduate recruiters have offices across the UK, and vacancies are more likely to be oversubscribed in the big cities. This means those who are happy to work in other locations are in a relatively strong position to get hired. You should also consider applying to smaller businesses, often referred to as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), to maximise your chances of employment.

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