Coding 101 how to build coding skills

In the tech-first world that we live in, it’s no surprise that coding skills are so in demand across the UK – and in many different industries, not just IT. So how can enthusiastic students build their coding skills?

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We set out to answer this question in our Coding 101 webinar, with the help of our two panellists:

  • Charlie Brej, principal modelling engineer at ARM
  • Emily Hall, associate technical analyst at Sky

We covered a lot of ground in the space of an hour, from how coding comes into play in their jobs and their backgrounds and experience prior to joining their employers, to the best programming languages to learn and the resources and forums they’d recommend to aspiring coders.

Charlie and Emily also shared how they finessed their own skills through open-source projects and extracurricular activities (including a personal Pokemon project), as well as their advice on how to talk about your coding experience in your applications, whether to link to your GitHub profile on your CV and, last but not least, how to stand out from STEM candidates if you’re a keen coder with a humanities degree.

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