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Bank of America

Bank of America videos: your first step to discovering its internship and career opportunities

Hear what graduates think of technology, sustainability and work culture at Bank of America from these six short videos.

Are you thinking about applying to Bank of America and wanting to find out more about what its graduate programmes, internships and spring weeks involve? Then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find six short videos on this employer hub (one to two minutes each), which will give you a real sense of what it’s like to start your career at the bank. This information will help you decide whether the work and culture suit you – plus, if you choose to apply for a role at Bank of America, it will help you to demonstrate your enthusiasm at interview.

Two of the videos feature graduates working in technology-related roles discussing their experiences. You’ll hear first hand what excites them about their work, such as seeing their ideas come to life or knowing that the work they do on a daily basis has a significant impact. In addition, graduates Hayley and Kingsley talk about how the bank supported them in relocating internationally for their graduate programmes.

Two more videos highlight the importance of sustainable finance, as graduates provide an insight into how they’re creating long-lasting change. ESG (environmental, social and governance) considerations are at the forefront of every transaction. Graduates contribute to normalising sustainable investment practices and encouraging clients to consider environmental factors.

Of course, choosing the right employer for you is about much more than the job. The remaining two videos feature graduates giving their opinions of the bank’s ‘open and collaborative’ work culture – and how they themselves are helping to shape it. There’s a lot packed into these short videos, from diversity initiatives to their work/life balance and their relationships with their managers. The graduates explain how they are able to speak to and network with colleagues in different departments and at different levels of seniority, including through sports clubs and social events.

Take a look at the six videos to discover what a graduate programme at Bank of America could offer you. And, if they pique your interest, consider doing some further research into the bank and any aspects that particularly interest you. It could lead you to your ideal career.

Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance | Bank of America Lydia & Donata | Bank of America


Technology | Bank of America Kingsley & Hayley | Bank of America

Work culture

Work culture | Bank of America Ama & Josh | Bank of America

To find out more about Bank of America, return to the Bank of America employer hub.

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