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You are invited to attach a covering letter, as well as your CV, as separate documents on Deutsche Bank's online application form. It’s vital that you make the most of your Deutsche Bank internship cover letter, as your chance of going to the next stage of the firm’s selection process depends on it.

Writing a covering letter for an internship at Deutsche Bank isn’t a 30-minute job. You’ll need to answer the big questions its recruiters will have about you in a tight word count, and support your application by writing concisely but interestingly about your work experience. You’ll have to take time and think carefully about what exactly the bank wants you to put across in your letter and how you can convey the information within such tight constraints.

Deutsche Bank intern cover letter tip: research before you write

Not many candidates will read up on all of the early years employment schemes that Deutsche Bank has – but you should do it! Go to the 'Who we are' and 'What we do' sections of Deutsche Bank’s corporate website, or the ‘Explore the bank’ section of its graduate recruitment site (under the ‘Careers’ tab of the corporate site) to get a real sense of what unifies the roles, responsibilities and tasks within the bank and the attitudes and aptitudes it seeks. Read about the bank's corporate culture and the specific business area(s) that most interest you. All of this background information helps you picture life at the bank, which is essential when you're trying to convince recruiters that you’ll fit in.

Deutsche Bank intern cover letter tip: choose facts that are specific

If you want your cover letter to stand out and to be remembered, include examples and facts that are specific. So, when you briefly explain why you are interested in working in your division of choice, don’t say something general such as: ‘I’m passionate about finance and believe my communication and analytical skills could be put to use in X division.’ Instead, be specific.

Find a few things about the division that truly interest you and relate to your career aspirations, values or ethics. For instance, did you develop an interest in a particular division during a ‘Spring into Banking’ programme and since then you have wanted to join the highly collaborative environment and find innovative solutions to problems?

Deutsche Bank intern cover letter tip: structure what you write

Deutsche Bank will expect you to pinpoint more than one of the requisite skills or qualities for the role, so make sure you read the job description and person specification. In a covering letter, you have one or two paragraphs in which to do this.

Consider applying the traditional four-step STAR (situation, task, action and result) technique or the CAR technique (context, action and result) in your covering letter. View your skill or quality as the context, how you exercised this skill/quality at work, university or elsewhere as the action, and the outcome as the result. You might even be able to combine more than one skill or quality into one ‘CAR’ or 'STAR', avoiding the need to write double the amount.

For example, if you were discussing how you have the rigour and intellectual determination required to work as a summer analyst, you could write about how in your dissertation or an extended assignment you were extremely thorough in evaluating and referencing your sources (rigour) and the way in which you contributed to your academic field or advanced your line of argument (intellectual determination).

Deutsche Bank intern cover letter tip: include one excellent example instead of three mediocre ones

Be selective when briefly mentioning interests that relate in some way to the bank, division, role or industry. Deutsche Bank supports children’s charities and children’s medical research. Have you raised funds for deprived communities or volunteered for a charity? Activities such as these would certainly be worth mentioning. What was involved? What skills did you develop?

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