Meet Alex, Sales Account Manager

Alex joined Spitfire after graduating from the University of Bath in 2020.


Alex Vick

Sales Account Manager

Spitfire Network Services Ltd

I graduated from the University of Bath in 2020, completing a degree in chemistry, shortly after which I joined Spitfire. I wasn’t completely sure what industry I wanted to work in, however I was keen on working in a technical field as I have always been interested in keeping up with the latest tech. Telecoms interested me as it is an ever-evolving market with new products regularly joining the fray with the role at Spitfire being of particular interest given the offer of consistent training.

A key part of my role as a Customer Account Manager which I enjoy is the problem solving. Designing bespoke solutions for a variety of sized businesses based on their requirements presents a unique challenge requiring you to put into action all the training which Spitfire offer.

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