My First Few Months at Third Bridge

Mark joined Third Bridge in September 2022 after Graduating from the University of Exeter.


Mark Evans

Connections Associate

Third Bridge

Tell us what initially drew you to the Connections Associate position and Third Bridge as an employer?

I applied to the Connections Associate position because I knew the soft skills that I had developed at university would be valuable in the workplace, but I wanted to develop skills that would advance my career in the long run. I liked how hands-on the role at Third Bridge would be, while also having fast progression and continuous training. I was also glad to be using my languages on a daily basis.

What was your highlight of month 1?

My first month was surprisingly sociable - I joined the company and trained with people that were both similar and different to me in background and experience, which meant we got along very easily and I felt welcome very quickly. I have even worked abroad with people I trained with!

Tell us about what career progression (so far) has looked like for you in your Third Bridge journey..

I became a Project Manager in February, which meant that my responsibilities and workload stepped up and became more closely linked with our clients needs. This is also really engaging and I can feel my personal development growing in line with the daily challenges.

What does a normal day usually look like for you?

Alongside managing my projects, delegating tasks and speaking directly with clients, I am also involved in the training and development of new Associates. This means creating session slides and delivering them to new joiners and gathering their feedback for the next one. This was something I volunteered to do and have really enjoyed so far.

What do you enjoy most about being a Third Bridger?

I like that you can get involved in other elements of the company, like our ESG committees (there are ones dedicated to sustainability, charity and diversity). These make a big difference in not just exploring your interests and developing further skills, but also helps to meet new people across the company.

What advice would you give to Graduates looking to join Third Bridge?

I found it hard at first to find jobs that were open to graduates that didn’t expect you to have decades of experience and multiple degrees - at this role, you are valued on the experience you already have and the potential you bring to grow. My advice would just be to know the value you add and what you want to gain from your first role, and then be open to the opportunities at Third Bridge to take this further.

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